Annual Council Three Rivers House Rickmansworth – 17 May 2016

Hand over the chain to the new Chairman. That’s all folks this is the end of my year.

Shepherd Primary School Rickmansworth – 16 May 2016

I went to Shepherds School before to attend a meeting with all the local primary schools to discuss fund raising and I gave each school a ten pound loan to get them started. When I arrived, I was given a tour of the school and was then taken to meet the school council. This was a good time to visit, as the council were discussing the final arrangements for the fund raising event that my loan was helping to fund. After this, I went to the main hall to talk to the school assembly. I explained my role as Chairman of the council and then took questions from the children. There was a vast range of questions from the children including what is the difference between the County Council and District Council. At the end of the assembly the children thank me for coming and made their way back to their class. This was a good way to finish my year in office.

Open Ricky Week Bury Grounds Rickmansworth – 14 May 2016

We arrived early so we could take in the atmosphere before I crowned Miss Rickmansworth, and formally opened the week. We stood opposite the Library and could hear the band coming. We watched as the procession went past, making it’s way up the High Street. Once it had past, we made our way to the Bury Grounds to get ready to crown Miss Rickmansworth and her attendants. We waited while people made their way into Bury Grounds and then we did the crowing of Miss Rickmansworth. After this I did the official opening of Rickmansworth week.

We had a look round the stalls before making our way to St Mary’s Church to go up the clock tower. This was a brilliant experience with people explaining each level of the tower, including the bell ringing platform, clock and the bells themselves. Once at the top you get a really good view over the surrounding area. It is well worth a visit. We made our way down and then made our way home.

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Chairman’s Charity Golf Day Rickmansworth Golf Course – 13 May 2016

DSCF5484This is an annual golf day to raise money for my chosen charities. Sixteen teams took part and they teed off at ten minute intervals. I attended the event last year and the atmosphere on the day is always friendly. I had my picture taken with each team at the first hole before they teed off.

My wife helped me draw the raffle, before the serious job of presenting the prizes. It was a great day and am sure everybody enjoyed themselves. I would like to thank everybody involved at Rickmansworth Golf Club for supporting the event and Kelly Barnard Three Rivers Leisure for organising and running the event. If you have never been to Rickmansworth Golf Club it is a lovely venue to go to eat and have a drink in a quiet location, even if you don’t play golf.


Mayor of Hertsmere Tour of Elstree Studio Borehamwood – 11 May 2016

This was a charity event to raise money for the Mayor of Hertsmere’s Charity. We parked in the Council Office car park and got our pay and display ticket before making our way to reception. We did this tour last year and it rained throughout the day and this tour was no different. We left the council office reception and made our way to the studios. We were shown the set for the quiz show Pointless and saw some back stage sets before we made our way to the boardroom for lunch. After lunch, we were given a presentation on the history of Elstree and why it is so important to the community. We then said our goodbyes and made our way back to the council office in the rain.

Queen’s Garden Party Buckingham Palace London – 10 May 2016

IMG_20160510_154212140_HDRWe had decided to drive into London, as we thought we would have got some strange looks on the train dressed up and wearing our chains. The traffic was not that bad, but as expected we had vans and taxi’s pushing in as they wished with no thought for others. When we arrived, we parked in The Mall and made our way to the main gates. We had an hour and a quarter to queue, but at least we were only ten from the front of the queue. As we waited in the rain we noticed that the queue was getting bigger and we were moving further from the front. We found out that people in uniform and those unable to stand are moved to the front. Eventually the gates were opened and we made our way forward to have our tickets and identification checked.

Once inside the gates, we made our way through the palace into the garden. We managed to get a seat and were joined by the Mayor of Hertsmere. During the tea party, there were a number of military bands playing. At 4 o’clock the National Anthem was played and the Queen came out making her way through the crowd. We had tea, sandwiches and cake followed by ice cream later on. It rained continually throughout the day with only small breaks in the weather. At the end of the garden party, we made our way back to the car and had to drive home during the rush hour which was an experience. We didn’t go straight home we made our way to Cuffley to have a curry with the Mayor of Hertsmere which was a nice end to the day.


Mayor of Hertsmere Civic Service Elstree Studios Borehamwood

When we arrived we were greeted by three storm troopers at the entrance to the studio restaurant. We had our picture taken with them and then made our way in the reception area. After the welcome drink, we made our way to our table.

During the evening, there were presentation to various organisations for the work they do in the community. One of the winners was Bob Williams of Box Cleva. The evening was very good and there was entertainment provided by Purcell School of Music and three singers. The singers were a bit of a shock. Initially, we were introduced to the chef and asked to thank her for the evening’s meal and wish her luck as she was changing jobs. She took the microphone from the compere and started to sing opera. When she finished the compere took the mic back and burst into song. Finally a man came in and sang a song. It was a total surprise and went down very well.